All the structures of the Consortium have recovered existing buildings, bringing them back to life with minimum land consumption.

All the structures are surrounded by gardens and the neighboring fields planted with olive groves, vineyards, orchards and mediterranean bush have been brought to new life with sustainable practice.

All the structures have made available to guests, containers to carry out separate waste collection.

In all structure, to save electricity and water, the household linen is changed once a week and guests are invited not to change towels every day. All facilities have opted for water-saving toilets.

In most of the structures the windows are double glazed and the bulbs have been replaced by led lights.

In most of the structures it is possible to rent bicycles. The knowledge of the area is promoted by the ladies with suggestions about walks and trekking, historical village ,restaurant and local products .

All the structures with the slogan
“Love your planet Earth,
the Earth is yours too”

promote water and energy savings to their guests for an increasingly sustainable consumption.

Waiting for you!