Who we are

Like Pollicino’s stones, Mete di Liguria, a union wholly made up by women, is really happy to show you round their tourist dwellings, hoping to persuade you to come and visit an older, more true and charming Liguria. In their previous life they devoted themselves to different professions: Maria Donata to a brilliant career as a lawyer; Lorena to her luxury articles shop; Rosanna to her political commitment as a mayor; Tiziana moved for love and gave up a very good job, Maura to her teaching career, abandoned to write history books; Rossella worked with her husband Franco, producer of Taggiasca olive oil in the “Argentina Valley”.

Six different life stories, six women who met to create little by little a new reality ”The Consorzio Mete di Liguria”, a union wholly made up by women, whose only aim is to make Western Riviera known, a land they love deeply and which is situated between hills covered by age-long olive trees and the Mediterranean seashores. It is also known as Riviera dei Fiori because, thanks to its very mild climate, each plant, each flower finds out its natural habitat.
The six friends restored with care and great attention their family houses, welcoming those who, fed up with ”hit and run holidays”, strongly long for having a quite different holiday, enjoying the flavours of a country, for the most part still secret.
Lorena decided to restore a small house, surrounded by its blooming garden, and this gave birth to ‘“Molino dei Giusi”. Rosanna sold her family hotel to bring back to life to an old stone village: “I Freschi”. Tiziana created a new charming tourist reality ”Uliveto Saglietto”, in the small village of Poggi: glamorous apartments set in its heart, surrounded all around by a cellar, an oil-mill, and a wonderful, age-long pine tree. Maria Donata decided to buy an ancient property, “Valcrosa”, transforming it into a quiet place, where her guests can enjoy a completely relaxing stay, within the vineyard and surrounded by an untouched nature. Maura restored some ancient family houses, giving birth to “Borgo Muratori” with its old oil-mill and its garden plenty of Mediterranean scents. Rossella, after collaborating with her husband in the olive oil company, is ready to create something of his own, first a learning farm about the olive oil for children and then “The Adagio”, a magical place where you can relax in the beauty farm “The wellness by the olive tree” and enjoy an authentic atmosphere to the sound of the stream.

The unique atmosphere, all around the properties, fosters a healthy holiday, directed to find again the most secret and forgotten part of the soul.
Thanks to the lucky interlacement of these stories, has taken origin the Corsorzio Mete di Liguria, whose main purpose is to take their guests, hand in hand, in a sensorial and touching journey, which will be remembered a long time and will leave them the wish to come back as soon as possible.