Women who left thei mark on Liguria

Maria Pellegrina Amoretti
(1756 – 1787)
An illustrious legal expert, she was the third woman to graduate from an Italian university.

Eva Mameli Calvino
(1886 – 1978)
A botanist and naturalist who worked at San Remo’s experimental horticulture centre.

Katherine Mansfield
(1888 – 1923)
A novelist who loved the Riviera and lived here from 1919 to 1920.

Dorothy Simons -Jeune
(1889 – 1872)
the wife of Cecil Hanbury
After World War I, along with her husband, she helped restore the Hanbury gardens to their former glory.
After World War II, by then a widow, she fought to preserve the wonderful gardens, categorically refusing to sell them to speculators.

Irene Brin
(1914 – 1969)
pseudonym of Maria Rossi, she lived in Bordighera.
Society journalist, writer and art dealer, a woman of great culture, she left an enchanted garden in a place called Sasso.

Mariella Devia
born in Chiusavecchia (in the province of Imperia) on 21.04.1948
A celebrated Italian soprano, who never lost touch with her roots in Liguria and the place where she was born.