A magical place to be discovered

Crystal clear seas, fine white sandy beaches, luxuriant gardens, ancient herbs and rare cacti, Mediterranean scrub interspersed with age-old olive groves and colourful vineyards, a magical hinterland with villages and trails that await you…this is WESTERN LIGURIA.

This narrow strip of land twixt sea and the Maritime Alps enjoys an exceptional climate in every season of the year. The winters are mild and summer lasts to the end of November, giving us blue skies and warm, sunny days.
Spring is a triumph of flowers and inebriating perfumes.
The summer offers long, clear, leisurely days in which to explore our area.

A sea of
olive groves
and vineyards

Here in Liguria, the sea changes colour from dawn to dusk. Its transparent waters wash intriguing sandy beaches and rocky coves alike.
Inland, behind the sunny coastal villages, lies the hinterland, with its olive groves, vineyards and the characteristic Mediterranean scrub dotted with maritime pines, oaks, juniper, arbutus and myrtle.
A special mention has to go the aromatic herbs that grow spontaneously here in Liguria: thyme, mint, rosemary, wild fennel, bay…
The Taggiasca olive is, and always has been a local speciality: even in ancient times, the oil produced was considered “perfect oil” due to its mild and balanced flavour, which lends itself to all types of food.
The vineyards, also here since time immemorial, yield quality wines that are the perfect accompaniment to the area’s typical fish dishes.
The local orchards and market gardens produce “carbon neutral” fruit and vegetables.
Further uphill, you’ll find woods with new hiking and mountain biking trails plus breath-taking coastal views.
But the most interesting discoveries are the small, unspoiled villages of the hinterland, all different, with stone houses, narrow alleyways and window-sills full of flowers.
This “different” Liguria is the one we invite you to explore, by staying in our homes.