Ligurian food

  • Fruit: every season brings its own special fruits.. mandarins, clementines and the deliciously fragrant oranges in winter, cherries, apricots and peaches in summer.
    Bringing a touch of colour to every garden are the wonderful local lemon trees.
  • Vegetables: this is the land of “ox-heart” and “marmande” tomatoes, salads,curved “trombette” courgettes, pulses….and above all basil, famous here for its fragrance and the main component of pesto sauce.
    Local specialities include Vessalico garlic, white beans from Pigna and Conio and purple asparagus from Albenga.
  • Fish and a whole lot more…. Fish, seasoned with our herbs, is fried or baked, with pasta.
    The Cappon magro fish/seafood/ vegetable salad, anchovies and red prawns from Sanremo are other local delicacies. Ligurian cuisine is celebrated for its humble dishes, such as pizza all’Andrea, with garlic, tomatoe, olives and salted anchovies, Pasqualina vegetable flan, with chard, eggs and cheese, “farinata” made with chick pea flour and baked in a wood-fired oven.
  • The white cuisine of the hinterland offers ingredients linked to the ancient shepherd life, made with buckwheat, potatoes, turnips, leeks and local cheeses.