Environment and hiking, biking and cycling trails

If you think of Western Liguria, the picture that comes to mind is one of sea, beaches and lazy days in the sun, but those guests who prefer an active holiday will find a wide range of exciting opportunities too.

Along the coast, a cycling route, particularly suitable for families, has replaced the old railway line with 23 kilometers of track, complete with rest areas offering some of the finest scenic views in Liguria.

A little further inland, amongst age-old olive groves and cobbled streets, the pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela has been re-opened and is now covered every year by the faithful who are welcomed at the reception points set up close to some of the churches.

On foot, on mountain bikes or motorbikes, you can admire fabulous views along the Salt Road, a trail that runs along the westernmost part of Western Liguria touching two countries, Italy and France and two regions of the former: Liguria and Piedmont. The route crosses the B, places unfamiliar to most but of incomparable beauty where, in a single glance, you can take in both the Alps and the sparkling Mediterranean.

In winter too, expert cyclists can take up the challenges offered by the fascinating itineraries of the hinterland.

Maps and leaflets have been specially published for these trails, making them easier to enjoy.